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In Memory of Merriweather

....and all of the other troublemakers.

Hi Leslie,

I want to make a donation in memory of my beloved kitty cat, Merriweather. She died at 16, one year ago today, after several health complications that took us by surprise.

Surfcat has always been supportive of the troublemakers at VCAS, and Merriweather would have definitely made it into that category. She might have been the troublemaker mascot. I don't know much about her background. When I adopted her through a rescue group that held events at a Petco in the Los Angeles area, all they told me was that she was found on the streets by an elderly woman. They said the woman took her home and had to keep her in a closet because her own cats were bullying her. To be honest, I think the adoption people were intentionally hiding the fact that Merriweather was a vicious beast. I discovered this as soon as I got her home, where she promptly attacked me. She was so mean and unpredictable that for a little while I even considered returning her, but in the end I felt sorry for her and thought that if I returned her she would never get another shot at someone taking her in. (This is the same pity that allowed Princess to stay with me, too.) Over the years, Merriweather became very well known and respected (feared might be a better word?) among our family and friends. I can't tell you how many of our loved ones got bit, scratched or both. If she had been a dog, she would have been impounded and deemed a dangerous animal. Even in her most fragile state, while receiving a blood transfusion at VMSG, she found the strength to inspire vet staff to place stickers that said "aggressive animal" and "will bite" on her kennel card. Despite this, she was the love of my life. We all know that animals cannot live forever, but I never thought her time would be up so soon.

Had Merriweather been in a shelter, even a no-kill shelter, I'm confident she would never have made it out. Her only shot would have been a group like Surfcat with a founder like you who understands and loves the troublemakers for who they are. If she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, she most certainly would have been put down and I would have missed out on the greatest cat I've ever known. Maybe I'm the only one who would say she was the greatest, but for me, that's what she was. I would like to make a donation to Surfcat Cafe in memory of Merriweather and in honor of all the misunderstood troublemakers who just need a chance to find that one person who thinks they're the greatest.

Thank you so much for all you do, and especially for fighting for the troublemakers.

With love,

Laura Davies
(and my husband Jeff)

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